Friday, October 11, 2013

New Place to get your Bacon Fix!

The farmers market season is quickly winding down. There are only two more weeks until the Maquoketa Farmers market ends for the season. So how can you get your red wattle bacon fix this winter? You could could come to one of the last two farmers markets and fill your freezer. You could place an order for a whole or half hog. You can contact us anytime for pork to be picked up here at the farm. Or, as of this morning, there is a new way to get our great tasting heritage pork.

Wickham Farm is happy to announce that our pork is now available at the Timber City Trading Post in Maquoketa. The Trading Post is located at 105 North Main, just a couple doors down from intersection of Main and Platt in Maquoketa. For those of you not familiar with the metropolis of Maquoketa,it's the main intersection in the center of town. They carry a nice assortment of gift items, nick nacks and organic foods and now they have pork too! Owner Connie Behrens tells us that they will soon be opening a bistro in the back with our red wattle pork on the menu. How cool is that! The Timber City Trading Post is open Wednesday through Saturday 10m to 6pm  and Sundays from noon to 4pm.


  1. The next time we go near Maquoketa we will stop in and try some of that pork.

  2. Gordon, please give me a call if you make it to the Metropolis of Maquoketa. I'd love to meet you in person and say "hello". And I'm sure we could line you up with some great red wattle pork! :-)